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Gail Silver: Books

A Peaceful Place Inside

(Gail Silver)
September 10, 2006
A Cd of Yoga Songs and Meditations for Children

This Cd was initially created as a teaching tool for the Yoga Child Teacher Training program, but due to requests and some unexpected awards it found its way into the retail market.  The Cd is a mix of spoken word meditations, simple songs, breathing techniques and asana instruction for children. The pieces are short and are intended to provide children with a framework from which they can easily recall and utilize the practices at any time, with or without the Cd. It can be used as a parent toddler activity, or a solo activity for an older child. In our house we enjoy it as  pre-bedtime ritual and as source of support on long car rides. It was produced in a makeshift studio in the bedroom of our house by my talented husband, Michael, and subsequently professionally remastered.