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Gail Silver: News and Reviews

Peace Bugs and Understanding

Peace, Bugs and Understanding is  a solid addition for
collections in need of picture books on anger management, sibling rivalry, and self-control.

School Library Journal

Peace, Bugs, and Understanding is highly recommended for sharing with young people, and for public library children's collections.

Midwest Book Review

Gail Silver has written a positive and resourceful book for children and adults about transforming negative feelings.This is a wonderful tool for children and adults to cultivate forgiveness towards others and even themselves.The illustrations project a sense of calm that fits beautifully with the theme.  A lovely collaboration between author and illustrator.

Children' Books Heal

Steps And Stones

Anh is left out of a recess play session, and his companion, Anger, a red-haired fellow wearing shoes remarkably like Anh’s, suggests a way of getting back at the boys who have left Anh out of their game. But Anh finds something else to do with his Anger: walking meditation, which yields some unexpected connections. This offbeat story makes the potentially cerebral topic of dealing appropriately with anger simple and delightfully visual. Krömer’s predominantly green palette in collages combined with brush and pencil drawings is almost contagiously soothing, and makes the red of Anger visually exclamatory. The children represent non-Caucasian ethnicities, which is a pleasant change from standard depictions. In their second collaboration, Silver and Krömer (Anh’s Anger) have developed a winning series. Ages 4–7. (Oct.)

- Publisher's Weekly (Oct 17, 2011)

Silver and Krömer pair their considerable talents to create a successful second title in the Anh’s Anger series.Silver’s dialogue-driven text is likely to provoke meaningful discussions about dealing with disappointment and controlling tempers. Preschoolers and primary-grade students will appreciate Krömer’s visual feast of pencil, paint and tactile collage elements used to vividly illustrate Anh’s story. Steps and Stones is sure to fill a niche for those tackling potentially thorny social situations, this straightforward and enlightened approach will appeal to many.

- Kirkus (Sep 15, 2011)

Steps and Stones: An Anh's Anger Story by Gail Silver,  will help children learn to understand the causes of their own strong emotions and teach them peaceful ways to resolve difficulties through mindfulness and meditation; Ages 6-11. 

- Publishers Weekly (Aug 12, 2011)

I am thrilled to share such a healing book with our students, especially those who are stuck in constant anger. Parents, teachers, and counselors will appreciate having this on their shelf when they need to teach or reteach this important skill.

- Books That Heal Kids (May 24, 2012)

A gentle and wise teaching-story, charmingly told and with wonderful pictures of a boy working with his anger.

Anh's Anger

The combination of Silver’s engaging narrative and Krömer’s colorful collages provides a storytelling feast.

A yoga inspired tale promotes deep breathing as the ideal way to regain control during a tantrum.

This is one of the best books we've ever seen on the issue of dealing with anger. A gem.

This touching book was a big hit with the 5-year old we gave it to.

Anh's Anger shows us how mindful breathing can turn an unhappy situation into a joyful one.
On Anh's Anger - Thich Nhat Hanh (Sep 12, 2009)
Wow! Anh's Anger is a great book. Both my children, (6 and 3), enjoyed the book. While the older was very taken by the story (I saw him re-reading it on his own later in the day), the younger was captivated by the illustrations. A really simple and yet profound story of a grandfather teaching a young boy how to sit with the difficult emotion of anger. A lesson not just for children but grown ups as well. I know we'll be reading this book many many times. Kudos to the author and the artist.
Teaching children about the emotion of anger is a task all parents face as their children grow. Anh's Anger is a wonderful addition to a parent's collection of teaching tools. It would also be perfect for an educator to read aloud during story time to young children. The author approached the topic in a thoughtful and sensitive way, and the book is full of beautiful and capturing artwork. I look forward to sharing this book with my child again and again.

Anh's Anger wins 2010 Skipping Stones award, for best book in the multicultural awareness category

Skipping Stones (May 27, 2010)

Gail Silver Talks about Anh's Anger

A Peaceful Place Inside

Charming and approachable, child advocate and yoga instructor Gail Silver delivers child-friendly instruction for exercise, breathing techniques designed to calm as well as energize and imaginative activities developed to mitigate stress. Gentle suggestions that Moms and Dads can benefit from these exercises are given with a wink and a smile. And Silver's humor is intelligent; “Farm Animal Chants” is a respectfully clever riff on the breathing chants of Ohm.
This is the first review I've ever written, but the Cd a Peaceful Place Inside, is so good and it doesn't have a review yet, so hear goes :).

My kids, currently 2 and 4, love this CD. We listen to it in the car, where they can do the breathing exercise parts, and my 4 year old listens to it at home and follows the instructions from beginning to end - it effectively gives him his own yoga practice. I stumbled across this CD at our local library, and the boys loved it so much I ended up buying them a copy of their own.

The yoga exercises are simple but effective (actually good for adults, too!), and explained in a way that is very accessible to kids. The songs and spoken instructions/explanations are simple, fun, and lovely, and still bring all the richness yoga has to offer to kids in a way that speaks to them. Fun and relaxing all at once.

Excellent CD. Highly recommended!!!