How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues?

How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues?

Often, enterprise SEO is all about the give and take – knowing what to fight for and where to concede. See how this applies to pagination.

Microsoft Word 2016: Pagination & Paragraph Control

Microsoft Word 2016 training video on Pagination and paragraph control, which is used to keep the paragraphs from splitting across the bottom of one page to the top of the next. Paragraphs that break between two pages make it difficult to maintain one’s comprehension at a quick glance on a single page, versus flipping back and forth to keep track of a split paragraph between the top and bottom of two pages. You can use the Widow, Orphan control to keep the first line of a paragraph from being by itself at the bottom of a page, or the last one of it being at the top of another page. Additional control options include: Keep with next, Keep lines together and Page break before.

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Power Apps Gallery Pagination

#PowerApps #PaginatedGallery
This video is a step-by-step tutorial on Power Apps Gallery Pagination. This technique for Pagination in Power Apps utilizes the LastN & FirstN functions along with supported delegation logic which allows the Gallery to work with large data sources in which Power Apps will automatically break down your data source query in an optimized and performant manner. We will also provide dynamic filters for paging Size and Gallery filtering. The gallery will load data in batches of 100 thereby optimizing query performance as the user paginates through the gallery pagination control.

Check out my blog post which contains all the formulas showcased in this video on Gallery Pagination :

Video covers the following:
✅ Pagination in Power Apps Galleries
✅ Delegable queries for Paginating Gallery
✅ Optimized load of data via Pagination in a Gallery
✅ Dynamic page size and filters for Gallery

Delegation Playlist –

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Gallery with Pagination Demo
02:57 – Optimized data loading in Power Apps Gallery control (Delegation)
05:50 – Delegation issue with FirstN and LastN functions
08:22 – Setting Gallery control for Pagination without a delegation warning
10:37 – Adding the Pagination controls
19:44 – Subscribe

Web API Pagination | Offset-based vs Cursor-based

Web API pagination is crucial for building scalable APIs. There are 2 different pagination standards that you can use. It’s offset-based pagination and cursor-based pagination, sometimes referred to as continuation token based pagination. It’s important that you understand how these standards work and pick the right one because it’s not a one size fits all thing. In this video, I give you all the details you need to pick the right one for your use case.

#WebAPIDesign #Pagination

0:00 – API pagination intro
3:10 – Offset-based pagination
6:50 – Cursor-based pagination
9:57 – Comparison

How to design API that display and filter through millions of products.REST API Filters & Pagination

We are very glad to start the REST APIs made easy course with the very first video on fundamentals of REST APIs, HTTP Methods, taxonomy around REST APIs etc. We hope that you get some value out of this course and these concepts help you thrive in your jobs, interviews and help you become better software engineers every day. Here are few links that you might want to refer before or during the course:

We hope that you get some value out of this course and these concepts help you thrive in your jobs, interviews and help you become better software engineers every day.

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