How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO & Which One is Best?

How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO & Which One is Best?

Does web hosting impact your SEO, and which host is best? We go through the misinformation and get the facts straight here.

Why Slow Web Hosting Hurts Your Website’s Sales and SEO Ranking

Slow web hosting can seriously affect your website’s sales, SEO ranking, and your business online presence.

Unfortunately, many of the famous and big web hosting companies have problems, and the services they offer are too slow.

If your website’s success matters, you must choose the best and strongest web hosting packages.

We offer the best and most professional web hosting system for the professional and serious web masters and bloggers:

How does Hosting affect Your Website’s Traffic or Rank? | Quick Finds

How My Website traffic and rank goes up continuously by changing shared hosting to cloud hosting

Explained : Shared Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting has many problems such as server not responding, database error, email sending problem etc.

Website Speed can be increased by hosting your website in to cloud hosting and it can increase Website SEO & Alexa Rank.

Which hosting I am using for website

Type of Hosting in 2020
-Shared Hosting
-Cloud Hosting
-Dedicated Server

Benefits of Cloud Hosting
– Flexible Pricing Structure
– Very Easy to Scale Server Resources
– Redundant Server Environment
– High Uptime and Availability

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�� 4 Ways Web Hosting Choice Affects Google Ranking ✅

Find out why Google’s latest algorithm updates means your web hosting choice is even more important to help your site rank.
�� Best Web Hosting Plans ►
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00:00 Intro
00:37 Site loading Speed
01:18 Server Uptime
01:47 Server location
02:09 SSL Certificates
02:44 Outro

4 Ways Web Hosting Choice Affects Google Ranking Transcript:
Hello everyone, Carson here. And in today’s video, I’m going to be telling you four ways which your web hosting can actually affect your Google ranking. Now, before we get into this video, remember to leave, like, subscribe and hit that notification bell. So every single time I upload, you will be notified. And just a heads up that I actually have a link to two of my favorite hosting providers in the description. So if you decide at any point during this video, that your hosting provider just isn’t cutting it for the SEO, you can go ahead and pick out one of mine, which I guarantee you will help improve your search rankings and results.

And now let’s get into the video. The first thing that a good hosting plan can actually help with is the site loading speed. And you may be wondering, how does the site loading speed affect my ranking in search engines, and it’s actually pretty simple website loading times are actually a really important feature for Google and other search engines like that their crawlers will take into account your loading time of your website. And if it takes a long time to load, they will actually rank you lower in the search results. So always choose a web host that has really good speeds or at least average speeds for your website loading.

So you don’t get ranked really low in the results and then also lose any customers who do click because they lost interest because you’re incredibly slow loading times. Next up those server uptime is also very important crawlers do not like bad uptime, perhaps even more than they hate slow loading. The reason being is search engines, which provide links which are down and unavailable, will be less likely to be used by their customers. So their goal is to provide links that are up all the time. And if they noticed that your website is up consistently and all the time, you will naturally rank higher in this search results.

Next up, you also need a website hosting provider, which lets you host on a server location, which is nearest to the area where your traffic is because that also helps with the load time and the uptime and reliability overall. And it makes crawlers very happy when your website isn’t really slow and unreliable.

And finally, of course, you need an SSL certificate with your website to rank super high on Google or even to rank on Google at all. Now the nice thing is website providers which I did link in the description actually offer a free SSL certificate with any of their hosting plans. So if you do want to check them out, go ahead and head down to my links in the description where you can receive a special discount because SSL certificates are so insanely important for your website ranking in SEO and if you don’t have them, and your provider is just out of date and bad then that is going to hurt your SEO. But that is going to do it for today’s video. So remember to leave a like subscribe and hit that notification bell. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

Affiliate link disclaimer: If you click the links in the description and get a hosting provider, we may receive a commission. With that said, we don’t let brands dictate our opinions – if we said it, that means it’s what we truly believe. Buying through our links will not cost you anything extra and as a matter of fact, may cost less due to discounts.

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Does Switching Web Hosting Hurt Your SEO Rankings (Google Rankings)?

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Should You Submit Your Sitemap Every Month?

Should You Submit Your Sitemap Every Month?

From the value of XML sitemaps to how frequently you need to submit them, online marketing veteran Ryan Jones tackles this week's Ask An SEO.

Video Sitemaps

Using video sitemaps is a recommended way to give us information about your videos. Submitting a sitemap pushes your video metadata to Google and reduces the time it takes for us to discover your video. Learn more about video sitemaps here:

Google Search Console verification and submission of a Sitemap? | 2022 #WordPress 8

Is it still important to offer a site map to users?

In addition to using Webmaster Tools to submit an XML Sitemap to Google, how important is it to also have a sitemap for users? It seems like nobody does this anymore. Is it still important in Web 2.0?

How You Can Use XML Sitemaps to Get Your Website Ranking

XML sitemaps can have a REALLY BIG impact on your website’s SEO.

When you submit a sitemap to Google Search Console, you’re telling Google about all of the pages you want crawled.

An XML sitemap can help search engine crawlers find new pages to index on your site.

In this video, Jess from the Marketing Team goes in depth about why XML sitemaps matter and how you can use them to make a difference on your website.

Video sections:
What an XML sitemap is: 00:00:34
How sitemaps affect SEO: 00:02:11
How to create an XML sitemap: 00:02:50
How to submit an XML sitemap to Google Search Console: 00:03:37

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One Month With $3,000 In SEO Budget For A Local Business

One Month With $3,000 In SEO Budget For A Local Business

How would you handle a $3,000 monthly SEO budget for a local business? One expert shares his week-by-week plan.

The Top SEO Factors I Use To Rank My Clients Sites in a Month

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Local SEO Made Easy: Here’s How to Do it in 2021

Used to be you could find a great product or service that everybody wanted, pick a popular spot with a lot of foot traffic, and hang out a sign that said “open for business.”

Well, to be honest, maybe it was never that easy… But things sure feel a lot harder now, don’t they? After all, it seems like more competition pops up every week.

And these days, fewer and fewer people are out walking around. That is, of course, if they’re even WILLING to shop local. The pandemic has driven lots of people online, which means your competitors now stretch across the internet.

In other words, it’s more important than ever to have an online strategy to get you more local customers.

So in this episode, I’ll show you all the major strategies that are guaranteed to move the needle in your favor. And I’ll teach you not only how to get started for local SEO 2021, but what to do first. In fact, here’s the keyword research tips I included in this episode ��

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The Only Two SEO Packages You Should Ever Sell To Clients

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Here are the only two SEO packages you should ever sell to clients
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Does Members-Only or Gated Content Have SEO Value?

Does Members-Only or Gated Content Have SEO Value?

Do you need to gate or paywall your content, and does it have any value to your SEO strategy if you do? Here's what you need to know.

What Are Pillar Pages & How They Impact Content Marketing & SEO

Content marketing is essential to SEO. Having in-depth and detailed content that matches your prospects and users intent can lead to better visibility, more share and quality organic links.

One way to create high-quality content is by creating pillar pages. Here is how HubSpot defines them: “A pillar page covers all aspects of the topic on a single page, with room for more in-depth reporting in more detailed cluster blog posts that hyperlink back to the pillar page.”

Creating pillar pages is a very popular strategy at the moment, but not everyone is executing them correctly. Here is some more info on what they are and how to optimize them for your content and SEO strategy.

The Ultimate List of Gated Content Ideas that Work | Ep. #4


�� BlueTuskr (E-commerce Marketing) —

Welcome to Marketing Interruption a Podcast by BlueTuskr!

On the 4th episode of Marketing Interruption, your host Andrew Maff goes into detail about the many different gated content ideas you can use to build your email list. He goes into detail about calculators, quizzes, live calendars, eBooks, white papers, social media groups, coaching sessions, and more. Take these ideas and create your own gated content to make sure you’re leveraging the most out of the content you created.
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What is a Gate? The Method

When it comes to collecting data on potential customers a strong content gating strategy is key for your businesses marketing success. In this short video, we will define a gate and show you how it differs from a traditional web form so you can optimise your web conversions and get more out of each lead.

To Gate or Ungate Content, That is the Question

How do you think about gating your content? In this video, Garrett walks through his thoughts on if content should be gated, and how ungating content can be better for your company growth.

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9 Creative Ways To Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

9 Creative Ways To Use Google's Keyword Planner Tool

Google’s Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for keyword research, but its functionality is limited. Here are 9 tips to get more out of it.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner [From Beginner to Pro]

Google keyword planner is a powerful tool that can help you find out what people are searching for on Google. In this video, I show you how to use it and also share how to forecast how many sales/leads you can expect to get from Google ads for your business
Prevent Competitors & Bots From Clicking on Ads: &tap_s=1925246-23cb57 &utm_source=corbinwhite &utm_medium=affiliate

Email: [email protected]
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*Time Stamps*
0:39 How to get access to Google Keyword planners
2:25 Discover new keywords
4:40 Active Google campaign vs non active campaign
6:17 Refine, filter, expand, and group keywords
11:20 Export keywords to Google Sheets/Excel
12:11 How to create a Keyword plan
17:20 Forecasting Sales/Leads

Access Google Keyword Planner Tool Without Creating Ads

Access google keyword planner tool without creating ads or campaign, tutorial shows you how to use keyword planner tool (best free keyword research tool) without advertising or a new campaign. Set up a new Google Ads account (AdWords) to use the keyword planner tool.
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Steps to access google keyword planner tool
sign in in your google account
when you signed in your google account, you need to go to the following link:
Google AdWords and google keyword planner login:
Click Start now button to access Google AdWords account
If you already try to access google keyword planner tool and mistakenly started creating a new campaign, you can easily cancel or remove Google Ads account by clicking google account icon on the top right corner of your web browser, select Google Ads account and remove it.
switch google account again and gain access google keyword planner tool
Click on new google ads account, Then Switch to Expert Mode
Click on Create an account without a campaign
Click Submit and click on Explore your account
Done, now you can use google keyword planner tool to research and find the best keywords
Just go to Tools and settings and from Planning tab, choose Keyword Planner
You have two options with the Keyword Planner Tool
Discover new keywords or Get search volume and forecasts of your keywords.

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Backup Photos to Google – Turn on back up & sync Android

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This video-tutorial attempt to answer all below questions:

How to access Google keyword planner tool without creating ads or campaign?
How to use google keyword planner tool?
How to gain access to google keyword research tool for free?
How do I login to google account (google AdWords) to use google keyword planner tool?
How to find Google keyword planner login link?

#GoogleKeywordPlanner #KeywordPlanner #KeywordPlannerTool

Google Keyword Planner Tutorial for 2022

Check out our video where we cover the Google Ads Keyword Tool aka the Google Keyword Planner for 2022. The keyword planner changes every year so we wanted to make a video showing you how to do keyword research for SEO, keyword research for Google Ads, and all the features so you can refine your targeting.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Ads:

0:21 How to access the Google Keyword Planner
01:22 Getting started with the Google Keyword Planner
03:06 How to search for keywords using your products and services
05:39 How to find keywords using your website or a single page
07:25 Reviewing keyword search volume and Google Ads bids
11:15 How to use ‘Refine Keywords’ in the Keyword Planner
13:15 How to adjust targeting and use filters
19:15 How to download a keyword list for SEO
23:49 How to create a Keyword plan and a Google Ads campaign

Google Keyword Planner Tutorial 2022 – How to do Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Tool

Learn everything you need to know about the Google Keyword Planner. Our Google Keyword Research Tool tutorial will show you how to access the Google Keyword Planner, whether or not the keyword planner is free, how to find SEO keywords, how to find Google Ads keywords, and more. If you are not sure how to do keyword research for free, this is the video for you. I will cover how to find search volume, how to create Google Ads campaigns, and more.

How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues?

How Do I Deal With Large-Scale Pagination Issues?

Often, enterprise SEO is all about the give and take – knowing what to fight for and where to concede. See how this applies to pagination.

Microsoft Word 2016: Pagination & Paragraph Control

Microsoft Word 2016 training video on Pagination and paragraph control, which is used to keep the paragraphs from splitting across the bottom of one page to the top of the next. Paragraphs that break between two pages make it difficult to maintain one’s comprehension at a quick glance on a single page, versus flipping back and forth to keep track of a split paragraph between the top and bottom of two pages. You can use the Widow, Orphan control to keep the first line of a paragraph from being by itself at the bottom of a page, or the last one of it being at the top of another page. Additional control options include: Keep with next, Keep lines together and Page break before.

All 147 of my Word 2016 training videos contain everything you need to help pass the Microsoft Word 2016 Core (77-725) and Expert (77-726) exams and become certified!


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Power Apps Gallery Pagination

#PowerApps #PaginatedGallery
This video is a step-by-step tutorial on Power Apps Gallery Pagination. This technique for Pagination in Power Apps utilizes the LastN & FirstN functions along with supported delegation logic which allows the Gallery to work with large data sources in which Power Apps will automatically break down your data source query in an optimized and performant manner. We will also provide dynamic filters for paging Size and Gallery filtering. The gallery will load data in batches of 100 thereby optimizing query performance as the user paginates through the gallery pagination control.

Check out my blog post which contains all the formulas showcased in this video on Gallery Pagination :

Video covers the following:
✅ Pagination in Power Apps Galleries
✅ Delegable queries for Paginating Gallery
✅ Optimized load of data via Pagination in a Gallery
✅ Dynamic page size and filters for Gallery

Delegation Playlist –

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Gallery with Pagination Demo
02:57 – Optimized data loading in Power Apps Gallery control (Delegation)
05:50 – Delegation issue with FirstN and LastN functions
08:22 – Setting Gallery control for Pagination without a delegation warning
10:37 – Adding the Pagination controls
19:44 – Subscribe

Web API Pagination | Offset-based vs Cursor-based

Web API pagination is crucial for building scalable APIs. There are 2 different pagination standards that you can use. It’s offset-based pagination and cursor-based pagination, sometimes referred to as continuation token based pagination. It’s important that you understand how these standards work and pick the right one because it’s not a one size fits all thing. In this video, I give you all the details you need to pick the right one for your use case.

#WebAPIDesign #Pagination

0:00 – API pagination intro
3:10 – Offset-based pagination
6:50 – Cursor-based pagination
9:57 – Comparison

How to design API that display and filter through millions of products.REST API Filters & Pagination

We are very glad to start the REST APIs made easy course with the very first video on fundamentals of REST APIs, HTTP Methods, taxonomy around REST APIs etc. We hope that you get some value out of this course and these concepts help you thrive in your jobs, interviews and help you become better software engineers every day. Here are few links that you might want to refer before or during the course:

We hope that you get some value out of this course and these concepts help you thrive in your jobs, interviews and help you become better software engineers every day.

More on the topic:

Previous videos to catch up on:
✒What is an API –
✒REST Standards –
✒What is REST API –

Our full courses on youtube:
✒ System Design Primer Course:
✒ REST APIs made easy:

Some paid courses that we recommend:
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What Are The Top SEO Considerations For Merging Sites?

What Are The Top SEO Considerations For Merging Sites?

In this Ask An SEO column, a reader asks for the top considerations to keep in mind when merging multiple sites together.

7 Actionable SEO Tips That Are Easy to Implement

Do you want to know why it takes so long for people to see results from their SEO? Well, there are two main reasons. The first is, it just takes time for things to kick in and algorithms to adjust. You can’t really control that, that’s just Google, right? You can’t really speed that up, time is time, they’re going to do their thing when they do their thing.

But there’s another reason why it takes people a long time to get results, and this one is more in your control. It’s that it takes time to implement those SEO changes. And most companies move really slow to make changes on their site and the longer it takes you to implement the changes, the longer it’ll take for you to see results. So today I want to break down seven tips that are easy to implement.

Google Search Console:
Exploding Topics:

Tip number one, everyone has SEO errors. It’s natural because as you adjust your existing pages, or even add new ones, it can always create more errors. So I want you to head to Type in your URL. In the left hand navigation, click on “dashboard” and then click on “add your first project.” Follow the steps, step-by-step.

What you’ll find is Ubersuggest will monitor your site, look at the keywords you want to rank for, look at all the SEO errors you have on your website, but here’s the thing that Ubersuggest does that I love. What it does is, it breaks the errors down from top to bottom, what will have the biggest impact and what’s the easiest to implement? So you want to fix the easy ones first, because they’re at the top and they’ll also have a bigger impact on your rankings. And that way you’ll get better results in a shorter period of time.

Tip number two, speaking of Ubersuggest, it’s also a tool that I added to my own website,, and I want you to do something similar. It’s so popular that’s generated over 24,000 backlinks. That’s a lot! That’s a lot of extra links that I’m adding to and it was so effective, I also bought AnswerThePublic and I’m going to integrate that into our portfolio over the up and coming months. Links are popular currency. The more people that link to you, the generally the higher you will rank.

Tip number three, use Google Search Console. It’s a free tool from Google. Log into it and add your website if you already haven’t done so. In Search Console, I want you to look at your traffic.

Tip number four, delete irrelevant pages that no one cares for anymore. See, over time, some of the content on your site will just get old and irrelevant. I’m not talking about outdated. I just mean straight up irrelevant.

Easiest solution, delete those pages and 301 Redirect them to the most relevant pages that are on your website. This will help you keep your site clean and strong from an SEO standpoint.

Tip number five, write on exploding topics. One of the best ways to get traffic, is to write on topics that are just about to get super popular, but aren’t that competitive yet. There’s a tool called exploding topics. It shows you what you should consider going after. And I want you to start writing content on that.

Tip number six, now, this is an easy one, but it costs money. Have you noticed there are a lot of blogs out there? There’s pretty much blogs on everything. Look for one that’s ranking great in your space and has traffic.

You want to take that blog, hit up the site owner, you can usually find their email on the contact page or through tools like, and ask them if they want to sell it. Most people will ignore you, some will say yes. If you find some at reasonable prices, buy them, merge it into your website, including their content, and make sure you do the 301 Redirect to the appropriate URL, and once you do that, it’s simple.

Tip number seven, merge content on similar pages. For example, I may have two blog posts on the topic of SEO for beginners. Now this confuses search engines, as they don’t know which one to rank. So what do you do? You merge the pages together. Then you take the URL with less traffic and forward it using a 301 Redirect to the more popular page. This helps solves confusion for the search engines. And in the end, you’ll get more search traffic over time.

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Top 5 multilingual SEO tips

Hello everyone! In this video, our Content Manager Elizabeth will walk you through the top 5 multilingual SEO tips you need to know!

Multilingual SEO is the act of optimizing content on your website for different languages, so you become searchable in new markets and people in different countries can find your website. So it’s a crucial practice for international businesses.

Do you have any other tips for multilingual SEO? Let us know in the comments!

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► If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

► Let’s keep in touch!

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – What is Multilingual SEO?
0:33 – 5 key SEO tips for your multilingual website
0:40 – Use dedicated URLs
1:46 – Apply hreflang tags
2:39 – Stick to one language per page
3:26 – Translate your Metadata
4:08 – Make sure your website loads fast
4:39 – Recap

How To Rank A Website With SEO strategies | Best SEO Tips and Tricks

How To Rank A Website With SEO strategies | Best SEO Tips and Tricks **** Check out Wix here:

00:00 How To Rank Your Website With SEO
02:13 SEO Plan and Checklist
07:00 Optimize Your Websites Homepage
07:26 The MOST Important Button For SEO
08:05 Mobile SEO Optimization
09:33 Connect To Google Search Console
10:22 SEO Optimize Other Website Pages
12:10 Connect Your Social Media Networks
13:42 Linking Website Pages (Sharing “Link Juice”)
15:37 Which Website Pages Are The Most Important For SEO?
16:33 SEO Tip #1 (Content Marketing)
18:45 SEO Tip #2 (SEO Optimize For Customers)
19:41 SEO Tip #3 (Content Quantity)
21:20 What’s Next?

In this video I’m going to show you how to rank a website with the latest SEO, or search engine optimization strategies (i.e. optimizing your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Pinterest and other social media networks with search aspects baked right into them).

Getting your website to the top of the search engine ranking is one of the most important aspects of marketing because having the nicest website in the world doesn’t mean much, if nobody can find it…

So let me help you fix that now by breaking down one of the most complicated parts in all of marketing, SEO, into a nice, clean simple and easy set of steps you can use to immediately start ranking higher for all your businesses keywords.

Also, at the end of this video, as soon as we’re done getting our website optimized and ready to dominate the search engines, I’m going to give you a few more of my most important SEO tips and tricks to really help make sure your website does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Get found, and get more customers and clients. So make sure to stick around until then.

So let me show you how it’s done.

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#marketing #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy #sponsored

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Merging Website and Conducting Redirects After a Merger or Acquisition

If you’ve recently acquired a company or considering a merger or acquisition, make sure to check out this video. I’ve create a checklist on questions to ask yourself before conducting a permanent 301 redirect. Following this checklist will help you succeed with a post acquisition marketing strategy.

The Ultimate Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO

The Ultimate Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO

Find tips on reader experience, SEO-friendliness & content quality, with pre-publishing checklists for the best SEO content writing possible.

On-Page SEO Checklist for 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Free on-page SEO checklist:

On-page SEO is one of the most fundamental skills you need to master if you want better rankings and more organic search traffic.

In this video, I will walk you through my complete on-page SEO checklist for 2023.

It will be the last step-by-step checklist you’ll ever need.

I recommend watching some of this video and implementing the recommendations immediately.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind:

You must go through this on-page SEO process for EACH page you want to rank in Google.

But keep this in mind:

You should only be at this stage of the SEO process if you have already done keyword research, qualified a keyword target, and created a content asset around that qualified keyword.

If you haven’t done so, watch the videos below:

1️⃣ How to Do Keyword Research:

2️⃣ How to Create SEO Content:

3️⃣ Scale Your On-Page SEO with Surfer:

So if you’re excited about mastering on-page SEO, leave a comment below saying, “let’s do this.”

Free on-page SEO checklist:


0:00 Introduction
3:02 PERFORMANCE 1. Do you have Google Analytics tracking set up?
3:17 PERFORMANCE 2. Are you tracking your primary keyword phrase?
3:39 CRAWLING & INDEXING 3. Is your page
4:14 CRAWLING & INDEXING 4. Is your page indexable?
6:16 Have you already targeted this keyword?
7:24 Does your page satisfy search intent?
8:32 Is your primary keyword in the title?
9:32 Can you add modifiers to your title?
9:45 Have you used all your title tag real estate?
10:14 Is your page title wrapped in an H1 tag?
11:05 Is your meta description click worthy?
11:13 Is your primary keyword in the URL?
11:50 Is your primary keyword in the first sentence?
12:13 Is your keyword density too aggressive relative to your competitors?
12:50 Have you added variations of your primary keyword into the copy?
13:12 Have you added synonyms (LSI keywords) of your primary keyword into the copy?
14:06 CONTENT 21. Is your page different & better than your competitors?
19:26 Does your copy use short paragraphs?
19:52 Are your headings structured logically?
20:07 Is your copy using descriptive headings?
20:28 Have you used keyword variations, LSls, or synonyms in your headings?
20:46 Is your copy using bullet points and numbered lists?
21:24 Does your page have as many or more images than your competitors?
21:38 Are your images unique to your website?
22:08 Hire a professional to take pictures or create graphics.
22:20 Are you using the right image format?
22:44 Are your images sized appropriately?
23:20 Do your images have descriptive file names?
23:44 Do all of your images have descriptive and accurate ALT tag descriptions?
24:01 Does your page have video content?
24:20 Are the videos relevant to the page/primary keyword?
24:49 Are the videos high-quality and valuable?
25:24 Is the video content responsive?
25:48 Are the videos hosted on the right platform?
26:43 Are your internal links using descriptive anchor text?
26:59 Are your internal links optimized based on first link priority?
27:19 Does the page have breadcrumbs?
27:39 Every internal link should serve a purpose or help the user in some way.
28:19 Are all affiliate, sponsored, or paid links using a “NoFollow” tag?
28:33 Do all your external links set to open in a new window?
28:48 Does your page have broken links?
29:13 Are all your links clearly links?
29:34 Does your page load in less than 3 seconds?
29:51 Is your page responsive and mobile friendly?
30:07 Does your website have an SSL certificate installed?
30:33 Is your font type legible and easy to read on all devices?
30:46 Is your font size large enough to easily read on all devices?
30:58 Does your page use aggressive interstitials?
31:21 Does your page have aggressive ad placements?
32:37 Is your address using structured data?
32:58 Is your page using structured data?
33:17 Is the structured data set up correctly?
33:32 Are you giving health, financial or legal advice?
34:14 Does your page have the appropriate disclaimers?
34:27 Does your page list and link to all sources of information?
34:57 Does your blog content have a visible author?
35:12 Is the author credible and qualified to write about the topic?
36:00 Does every blog post have a detailed author box/bio?
36:14 Does each author have a dedicated and detailed author page?
36:50 Goal Completion is the action that the user is supposed to take on your page.
37:56 DESIGN & USER INTERFACE (UI) 80. Is the website design modern and updated?

The COMPLETE SEO Checklist for 2022 + FREE Download ⏬

Do you want to get better SEO results? In this video, you’ll get a complete SEO checklist to help you rank #1 on Google…

Download the Full SEO Checklist for FREE

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Setup Checklist
02:57 Keyword Research Checklist
04:28 Content Creation Checklist
06:42 Keyword Optimization Checklist
08:08 Internal Linking Checklist
09:01 Link Building Checklist
11:12 Technical SEO Checklist
12:38 Advanced Checklist

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On Page SEO Checklist for 2022 | The Only SEO Video You’ll Ever Need

Watch my free blogging masterclass ➜

This video is my ultimate guide to on page SEO. I cover my exact on page SEO checklist, how to structure your blog posts for SEO, how to use semantic keywords and SurferSEO, creating a content updating schedule, how to optimize your posts to rank, and a lot more.

These on page SEO tactics have helped me grow my blog from zero in 2019 into a 7-figure/year business that reaches over 500,000 readers every month.

0:00 Intro
1:20 How to Format a Blog Post
4:34 How to Use Semantic Keywords
6:59 How to Write Good SEO Titles
8:41 How to Structure Your Headings
11:01 Improving Grammar and Readability
12:18 Using FAQ Schema
13:36 The Content Assembly Line Method
20:10 Search Intent and Ending the Search Journey

How to Write SEO Content That Ranks in 2023!

Get systematic #1 rankings ➡️

Wondering how to write SEO content that ranks #1 on Google in 2023?

Perfect because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you.

In fact:

I’ve used this exact process you’re about to learn to rank on the 1st page of Google for super competitive e-commerce keywords like “testosterone booster” “bcaa” “best pre-workout” “fat burner” and “best fat burner”.

Here’s the cool part:

I’m going to walk you through the process of how I would create a keyword-targeted page for the keyword “gomad diet”.

One last thing:

Watch this entire SEO content training video because I’m going to share my complete SEO content creation procedure that I only share with my team and members of Gotch SEO Academy.


Watch part 1 of this training series:

Get systematic #1 rankings ➡️


8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers

8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers

Machine learning is making waves in the digital marketing world. Here are eight examples to inspire your next campaign.

The psychological trick behind getting people to say yes

Quiz: Are you a sucker or a master?
Watch more from Making Sen$e:
Read more economic news:

Asking for someone’s phone number in front of a flower shop will be more successful because the flowers prime us to think about romance. Small, subliminal cues change our willingness to be sold on a product, on ideas or even a date. Economics correspondent Paul Solman speaks with psychology professor Robert Cialdini about his book, “Pre-Suasion,” the crucial step before persuasion.

Branding Basics | Brand Strategy | Understading Branding Fundamentals | Brand Marketing |Simplilearn

In this video on Branding Basics, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of branding. We’ll be covering the following topics:
1) Brand Strategy – 00:09
2) Brand Values – 01:09
3) Brand Vision – 04:12
4) Brand Mission – 05:54
5) Brand Objectives – 07:04
6) Brand Promise – 10:09
7) Brand- As a Product or an Asset – 12:53
8) How Digital Is Revolutionizing Branding – 13:39
9) Transformation Imperatives – 15:07
10) Digital Transformation Roadmap – 16:23
11) How to Build a Brand from Scratch – 17:37
12) Research Your Target Audience – 18:32
13) Identify Your Core Values – 19:16
14) Choose Your Business Name – 20:05
15) Define Your Branding Attributes – 20:58
16) Write a Slogan That Aligns with Your Mission – 21:30
17) Design Your Logo – 22:38
18) Apply and Evolve Your Branding – 23:26
19) Branding KPIs – 24:12
20) Brands within a Brand – 24:49
21) Types of Multi-Brand Strategies – 25:27
22) Geographies – 27:30
Without further ado, let’s jump into Branding Basics!

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In this course, you’ll get familiar with the RACI matrix, brand value proposition, top channels to express your brand and key performance indicators for a brand. It will help you to build brands for startups and multi-brand companies, come up with marketing strategies, plan and execute branding campaigns and successfully manage it.

Key Features:
1. 100% Money Back Guarantee
2. 3+ hours of self-paced learning
3. Real-life examples and case studies from prominent companies
4. Lesson-end quizzes and hands-on projects
5. Applicable across industries such as FMCG, retail, BFSI, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, or technology

The Digital Strategy for Brand Marketing course is ideal for professionals in any organizational role who wish to learn the fundamentals of brand marketing and pursue a career in this booming field. This course is ideal for Business graduates, Marketing Professionals, Middle management professionals, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Professionals.

There are no prerequisites to take this Brand Marketing course. Anyone with an interest in the marketing domain can take this course.

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Leveraging Machine Learning For Digital Marketing Success

In this webinar, Kanetix Ltd. shares its learnings on successfully implementing end-to-end tracking and deploying machine learning technology in their digital marketing operations in order to have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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4 SEO Experts Share Key Actions To Raise Client Satisfaction

4 SEO Experts Share Key Actions To Raise Client Satisfaction

Learn how to show that SEO is a necessary investment with the best strategic actions to keep clients and stakeholders happy and prove SEO ROI.

The 4-Step SEO Strategy to Rank #1| Free SEO Course | Lesson 9

In this lesson, Joseph will show you his SEO strategy that works in 2022.

In the video he’ll sum up the most important steps of your future SEO project and review the key skills you need to be an outstanding SEO specialist.

Free SEO proposal to win new clients:

Support team: [email protected]

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How I Rank For 4k Organic Keywords With a 0 DR Website

Make sure you grab the free checklist here:
Before we get started, make sure you check out my new FREE SEO template which can be found here:

In this video I show you step by step, how I was able to take a website with 0 Domain Rating and rank it for over 4,000 organic kewyords.

Get My Free Audit Template:


How I Rank for 4K Organic Keywords with a 0 DR Website

01:35 Keyword Difficulty
estimates how hard it will be to rank in the top 10 organic search results for a given keyword in a given country. It’s calculated by taking a weighted average of the number of linking domains to the current top-ranking pages. The result is then plotted on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 (low difficulty to high).

01:57 Start at Low KD
Start to target 0 KD. Then 1KD, 2KD, 3KD and so on and so forth.

02:38 Niche Down
you need to target a sub-niche since they are the ones that has lower difficulty.
the more specific you are with your keyword, the easier the keyword is.

03:10 Low KD – Topical Relevancy
when you start creating topical relevancy on your site, that is when you combine low KD with topical relevancy and you end up ranking very well without doing link building.

06:30 Using Niche
look for a niche website.
copy the link and pst it under “Site Explorer” in ahrefs.
click on the organic keyword and check for low KD.
grab the low difficulty keyword and paste it on the template you are using.

12:30 Determining if the Page is Working Well
go to google analytics.
if the page has high bounce rates, low page speed, all these metrix are warning signs to optimize the page.
check also if how people are interacting with your content.

13:39 Checking the Page Speed
go to gtmetrix, paste the URL and let it analyze your site.

14:56 Checking Click-Through Rates
go to google search console, click on properties, open the report and check for the click-through rates.
improve the title tags if you want to increase the CTR values.

16:20 Ranking Factor
getting user engagement to spend more time on your website.

18:00 Strategies to Rank Up
combining KD strategy to topical relevances and capturing marketing traffic.

4 SEO Best Practices (You Can’t Ignore in 2023)

In this video, I’ll walk you through real-life examples showing you several SEO best practices in action. Follow my process, and you’ll dominate Google in 2023.

You’ll learn:

1️⃣ Why you’re doing keyword research the wrong way (and how to fix it)

2️⃣ The most important thing to learn in SEO

3️⃣ Why you should never do on-page SEO before doing this one thing first

4️⃣ How to rank for years instead of months (with one small mindset shift)

Resources mentioned:
Gotch SEO Academy:
On-Page SEO Checklist:

3 Strategies to Increase Customer Satisfaction | Brian Tracy

Here are three strategies to increase customer satisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction levels, will not only improve your current sales but will also set the foundation for future sales success.

Download my Free Quiz: What’s Your Biggest Sales Weakness. Click the link above!
00:00 – Intro
00:49 – Strategy 1: Meet Customer Expectations
01:36 – Strategy 2: Exceed Customer Expectations
02:23 – Strategy 3: Delight and Amaze the Customer
03:47 – Question: What Have You Done Today To Delight And Amaze Your Customers?

Give me a follow on Clubhouse! @briantracy — see you there!


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8 Undeniable Tips To Keep Customers For Life

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes For Success:

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3 Strategies to Increase Customer Satisfaction