Should You Submit Your Sitemap Every Month?

Should You Submit Your Sitemap Every Month?

From the value of XML sitemaps to how frequently you need to submit them, online marketing veteran Ryan Jones tackles this week's Ask An SEO.

Video Sitemaps

Using video sitemaps is a recommended way to give us information about your videos. Submitting a sitemap pushes your video metadata to Google and reduces the time it takes for us to discover your video. Learn more about video sitemaps here:

Google Search Console verification and submission of a Sitemap? | 2022 #WordPress 8

Is it still important to offer a site map to users?

In addition to using Webmaster Tools to submit an XML Sitemap to Google, how important is it to also have a sitemap for users? It seems like nobody does this anymore. Is it still important in Web 2.0?

How You Can Use XML Sitemaps to Get Your Website Ranking

XML sitemaps can have a REALLY BIG impact on your website’s SEO.

When you submit a sitemap to Google Search Console, you’re telling Google about all of the pages you want crawled.

An XML sitemap can help search engine crawlers find new pages to index on your site.

In this video, Jess from the Marketing Team goes in depth about why XML sitemaps matter and how you can use them to make a difference on your website.

Video sections:
What an XML sitemap is: 00:00:34
How sitemaps affect SEO: 00:02:11
How to create an XML sitemap: 00:02:50
How to submit an XML sitemap to Google Search Console: 00:03:37

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