The Ultimate Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO

The Ultimate Web Content Writing Checklist for SEO

Find tips on reader experience, SEO-friendliness & content quality, with pre-publishing checklists for the best SEO content writing possible.

On-Page SEO Checklist for 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Free on-page SEO checklist:

On-page SEO is one of the most fundamental skills you need to master if you want better rankings and more organic search traffic.

In this video, I will walk you through my complete on-page SEO checklist for 2023.

It will be the last step-by-step checklist you’ll ever need.

I recommend watching some of this video and implementing the recommendations immediately.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind:

You must go through this on-page SEO process for EACH page you want to rank in Google.

But keep this in mind:

You should only be at this stage of the SEO process if you have already done keyword research, qualified a keyword target, and created a content asset around that qualified keyword.

If you haven’t done so, watch the videos below:

1️⃣ How to Do Keyword Research:

2️⃣ How to Create SEO Content:

3️⃣ Scale Your On-Page SEO with Surfer:

So if you’re excited about mastering on-page SEO, leave a comment below saying, “let’s do this.”

Free on-page SEO checklist:


0:00 Introduction
3:02 PERFORMANCE 1. Do you have Google Analytics tracking set up?
3:17 PERFORMANCE 2. Are you tracking your primary keyword phrase?
3:39 CRAWLING & INDEXING 3. Is your page
4:14 CRAWLING & INDEXING 4. Is your page indexable?
6:16 Have you already targeted this keyword?
7:24 Does your page satisfy search intent?
8:32 Is your primary keyword in the title?
9:32 Can you add modifiers to your title?
9:45 Have you used all your title tag real estate?
10:14 Is your page title wrapped in an H1 tag?
11:05 Is your meta description click worthy?
11:13 Is your primary keyword in the URL?
11:50 Is your primary keyword in the first sentence?
12:13 Is your keyword density too aggressive relative to your competitors?
12:50 Have you added variations of your primary keyword into the copy?
13:12 Have you added synonyms (LSI keywords) of your primary keyword into the copy?
14:06 CONTENT 21. Is your page different & better than your competitors?
19:26 Does your copy use short paragraphs?
19:52 Are your headings structured logically?
20:07 Is your copy using descriptive headings?
20:28 Have you used keyword variations, LSls, or synonyms in your headings?
20:46 Is your copy using bullet points and numbered lists?
21:24 Does your page have as many or more images than your competitors?
21:38 Are your images unique to your website?
22:08 Hire a professional to take pictures or create graphics.
22:20 Are you using the right image format?
22:44 Are your images sized appropriately?
23:20 Do your images have descriptive file names?
23:44 Do all of your images have descriptive and accurate ALT tag descriptions?
24:01 Does your page have video content?
24:20 Are the videos relevant to the page/primary keyword?
24:49 Are the videos high-quality and valuable?
25:24 Is the video content responsive?
25:48 Are the videos hosted on the right platform?
26:43 Are your internal links using descriptive anchor text?
26:59 Are your internal links optimized based on first link priority?
27:19 Does the page have breadcrumbs?
27:39 Every internal link should serve a purpose or help the user in some way.
28:19 Are all affiliate, sponsored, or paid links using a “NoFollow” tag?
28:33 Do all your external links set to open in a new window?
28:48 Does your page have broken links?
29:13 Are all your links clearly links?
29:34 Does your page load in less than 3 seconds?
29:51 Is your page responsive and mobile friendly?
30:07 Does your website have an SSL certificate installed?
30:33 Is your font type legible and easy to read on all devices?
30:46 Is your font size large enough to easily read on all devices?
30:58 Does your page use aggressive interstitials?
31:21 Does your page have aggressive ad placements?
32:37 Is your address using structured data?
32:58 Is your page using structured data?
33:17 Is the structured data set up correctly?
33:32 Are you giving health, financial or legal advice?
34:14 Does your page have the appropriate disclaimers?
34:27 Does your page list and link to all sources of information?
34:57 Does your blog content have a visible author?
35:12 Is the author credible and qualified to write about the topic?
36:00 Does every blog post have a detailed author box/bio?
36:14 Does each author have a dedicated and detailed author page?
36:50 Goal Completion is the action that the user is supposed to take on your page.
37:56 DESIGN & USER INTERFACE (UI) 80. Is the website design modern and updated?

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00:00 Introduction
01:08 Setup Checklist
02:57 Keyword Research Checklist
04:28 Content Creation Checklist
06:42 Keyword Optimization Checklist
08:08 Internal Linking Checklist
09:01 Link Building Checklist
11:12 Technical SEO Checklist
12:38 Advanced Checklist

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